Obama: If Only Republicans Will Have Wealthy Pay More There Will Be No Defense Cuts


Before hitting the links for the umpteenth time, President Obama sat down for an interview with WAVY TV in Virginia and was asked about defense spending cuts that will take place because he and his party have refused to cut spending. Of course, he said that cuts won’t be necessary if only Republicans will agree to tax the wealthy more.

Q. So you don’t think jobs will be lost in Hampton Roads?
President: “I do not think, unless the sequester doesn’t go through, that you will see the type of economic impact that some people are talking about.”
“What we have said, as long as you are willing Republicans to ask the wealthy to pay a little bit more then we don’t have to worry about these draconiandefense cuts.”

“What I’ve called on Congress to do is to make sure taxes don’t go up for people who make $250,000 or less. Folks like me who can afford to do a little bit more (need to do more) and in part that allows us to reduce our deficit and maintain a strong military.”

This guy is like a broken record. He even reverted back to “worst financial crisis since the great depression” that he’s carped about for years.

Q. You said on the stump, “If you’re willing to work hard then you can find a job.” However, millions of people have been working hard to find a job and can’t find one because there aren’t any jobs to get. What level of responsibility is his for that?

President: “My responsibility as President is for everything to some degree. We’ve gone through the worst financial crisis since the great depression. We are still working our way out of that. We have created 4.4 million jobs and 500,000 manufacturing jobs, so we are moving in the right direction. Virginia’s unemployment is lower than the rest of the Country, but what is true we’ve got more work to do…and the choice this election is what kind of middle class do you want?” (Read More)

He went on to blame “outside groups” for his extremely negative campaign, right after bashing Mitt Romney’s business experience. One of the few honest things he said is that this campaign is about two contrasting visions for the future. What he failed to mention is that his vision is one of statism and a centrally planned economy that history has proven doesn’t work.