More Questionable Activities By Leftist Voter Registration Group


The Romney campaign has asked for an investigation into a voter registration group that has been sending voter registration forms to dead people and animals in the state of Virginia. If that isn’t bad enough, the mailings by the leftist group instruct the recipients to return the forms to the State Board of Elections in pre-printed return envelopes. But the address is wrong, and the forms are actually going back to the group that sent them out. The blog Disrupt the Narrative picked up on it when one was sent to the writer’s home.

This mailer arrived in our box for my wife today.  My first suspicion was that this mailer was under her ‘familiar’ name, not her ‘legal’ name. Plus, she’s already registered to vote.

But there was something fishy about this mailer so I couldn’t help but delve deeper.

It appeared to come from the Virginia State Board of Elections, but upon further investigation it actually came from the Voter Participation Center, which is a partner organization with the George Soros funded Center for American Progress and both groups have direct ties to the Obama White House.  It started out as part of the Tides Foundation. Looking at the biographies on these sites show lots of people with ties to the Obama and Clinton Administrations, and is part of the Democrats’ criminal syndicate. […]

The entire address for the State Board of Elections is correct up until the zip code, so this is NOT going to the State Board of Elections at all, but to some unknown post office box to land in the hands of God knows?  That you are to put your full name, Social Security Number, address and date of birth is a real cause for concern in the age of rampant identity theft.  But I digress.

Bryan Preston from the PJ Tatler added:

The Disrupt the Narrative blogger inquired about the zip code discrepancy with the US Postal Inspector, and received the following reply.

The Business Reply Mail (BRM) piece, Permit # 78103, containing the zip code 23286 is a unique zip code for BRM in the city of Richmond. The plus 4 number (0508) identifies the station in the city that the mail goes to.

BRM Permit # 78103 is issued out of Denver, CO and is issued to the Voters Participation Center. VPC has many sub accounts who use this number in different states, such as Virginia.

The bogus zip code is not a mistake or misprint. Google mapping 23286-0508 leads to a Richmond, VA park, and a query to the post office nearby at 1801 Brook Rd. in Richmond confirmed that the return address resides within that post office. The Voter Participation Center appears to be spoofing the Virginia State Board of Elections. The Voter Participation Center appears to be receiving forms that respondents believe are going to the Virginia State Board of Elections, but are not.  Why? How many states is the VPC operating in?

Be sure to follow the links above. Virginia isn’t the only place where this fishy activity has been going on, and both posts contain images of the mailers with the fake addresses. Preston followed up by sitting in on a conference call with the VPC, and the group’s representative was unable to come up with any plausible reason for the discrepancy in the addresses. According to Preston, this group is operating in twenty states. What are they up to? It’s even more suspicious when you think about how Attorney General Eric Holder is fighting voter ID laws tooth and nail.

Update: Just in case you don’t have time to follow the links, here is the list of states the VPC is operating in.

Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, Nevada, New Mexico,  Ohio,  Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Washington

If you live in one of those states, you may want to contact your state Attorney General and ask for an investigation into this shady organization. Something definitely isn’t right here.