Michelle Obama Campaign Speech: ‘Shake Em’ and ‘Multiply Yourselves’


Michelle Obama spoke to some of her husband’s supporters. She wants them to get out there and “multiply themselves” and register others to vote even if they have to “shake em.” Is this really an uplifting message of an incumbent First Lady?

“He needs you to keep making those calls, doing that hard work. Knocking on those doors. Treacherous work, right? Tiring work. He needs you to keep registering those voters. You know, the ones, you know, that aren’t registered and you gotta get ’em and shake ’em. Find them, get them registered,” Michelle Obama said at the campaign event.

“And even more important, he needs you to multiply yourselves,” Obama said to supporters. “Think about it like that. Multiply yourselves. Reach out to everybody you know. Your friends, family, neighbors and tell them to go to barackobama.com — find out how they can roll up their sleeves and get involved.”

Um, if someone came up and and shook me to get me to vote, I would probably vote for the other guy. And the last I heard the Democrats were the party of abortion, so what’s she talking about when she instructs them to multiply themselves? Maybe she wants their ancestors to vote. I’m sure Eric Holder would approve.