In 2008 a Convicted Felon in Virginia Registered to Vote With Form Sent By Far Left Organization


This is a follow up to yesterday’s post about the far-left voter registration outfit Voter Participation Center. Today we learned that a convicted felon in Virginia registered to vote with a form sent to her by that group, and then voted in the 2008 election. She was prosecuted for voter fraud, and the prosecutor believes that she would not have registered to vote if not for the VPS, according to the Richmond Times Dispatch.

A felon living in Louisa County registered to vote illegally and then cast a ballot in the 2008 presidential election after filling out and submitting a voter-registration form she received by mail from the Voter Participation Center, a state senator who prosecuted the case confirmed Wednesday.

The case is the first known instance of voter fraud that resulted from voter registration mailings by the Voter Participation Center, a nonprofit that has distributed 5 million third-party registration forms across the country and nearly 200,000 in Virginia this year targeting Democrat-leaning voting blocs, such as unmarried women, young people and minorities.


In 2010, then Louisa County Commonwealth’s Attorney Thomas A. Garrett Jr. — now a state senator — prosecuted Bonnie Nicholson, 57, on felony charges of illegally registering to vote and unlawfully casting a ballot in the 2008 general election.

Authorities determined that Nicholson, who had been convicted of a felony in 1980, received a national voter registration form in a mailing from the Voter Participation Center and signed it on Feb. 28, 2008. Despite her felony conviction, Nicholson swore that she had reviewed her state’s registration instructions and met the eligibility requirements.

Her name and address were already printed on the form.

On Wednesday, Garrett provided the Richmond Times-Dispatch with a copy of Nicholson’s registration form, which bears the name of the Voter Participation Center and a post office box in Boston. Louisa Registrar Cristy E. Watkins confirmed the document’s authenticity when contacted by phone.


“I don’t know of this incident at all,” Gardner [VPC president Page] said Wednesday. “I know (Garrett) has alleged it in the past. A person who wants to commit a felony by falsely filling out a form can get any form from a DMV office, off the state website — so I don’t know where this person got the form, I don’t know why this person filled it out.”

Gardner said VPC relies on the “diligence of local election officials” to review the submitted applications, as well as on the “individual integrity of the individuals receiving the forms.”

Garrett said Gardner is in denial if she believes that voter fraud can’t occur.

“She can say … ‘We don’t know where (the felon) got it’ all she wants to,” he said. “But I do know where she got it from and it was from (Gardner’s) organization, and I got the proof. I produced the original form, which is on file and accessible to the public.”

Garrett said he believes Nicholson and another felon he prosecuted for illegally registering to vote were essentially duped into breaking the law.

Read the whole thing. Imagine how many ineligible voters have registered but just haven’t been caught?

Thumbnail image via Tea Party Nation