GM Sees Big Increase In Sales After Increase In Government Purchases


It’s an election year, and President Obama wants to use his crony takeover of General Motors as a success story. So the government has bought up a bunch of GM automobiles to artificially prop up sales. Don’t you just love the way they use our taxpayer dollars?

While The New York Daily News reports that General Motors’ sales are up 16 percent from this time last year, the National Legal and Policy Center pointed out that government purchases of GM automobiles rose 79 percent in June. The Detroit Free Press reports that retail sales of GM vehicles rose less than eight percent, while sales to fleet customers rose 36 percent.

The auto industry will be a campaign issue in the run up to November, and President Barack Obama spoke in Ohio on Friday, touting the success of a local automaker: “What happened in Toledo can happen in cities like Cleveland, it can happen in Pittsburgh, it can happen in other industries,” Obama said. “That’s why I’m running for another term as president — because I want to make sure that it does.” (Read More)

Good grief, we can’t afford another four years of this.