Democrat Candidate for Congress Worked With Brett Kimberlin Associate Neal Rauhauser


Darcy Burner – Democrat Candidate and Neal Rauhauser Associate

If you’ve been following the whole Brett Kimberlin, aka Speedway Bomber, saga, you’re aware of his close associate Neal Rauhauser. Stacy has another piece up today about Rauhauser’s use of “sockpuppets” and his skill at hiding his online identity as he attacks conservatives on twitter and elsewhere. Rauhauser has worked for several prominent Democrats, one of whom is now running for Congress in Washington’s 1st district, Darcy Burner.

Via Screed of Momus:

In Screed of Momus’s continuing series on Neal Rauhauser, one of the more interesting development has been an examination of Neal’s association with various progressive, self-identifying feminists like Beth A. Becker of Progressive PST and Darcy Burner of Progressive Congress and Progressive Congress News. Darcy Burner is interesting because she’s a Democratic candidate out of Washington’s District 1 for the House, and one wonders what kind of questions she might face in the general election campaign should her associations with Neal Rauhauser come up.

Read the whole thing. It makes you wonder who else Rauhauser has worked with and received funding from for his nefarious online activities.

As a side note: Darcy Burner also developed an app to “allow shoppers to avoid brands owned by the Kochs and other rightwingers.” I don’t know how many right wingers live in the district she hopes to represent, but the last time I checked a representative was supposed to represent all citizens and not target those citizens of their employers for economic hardship. But that’s what Burner is doing, and she’s proud of it.

The brothers’ interests include Georgia Pacific, a packaging and paper products firm whose brands include Brawny and Sparkle paper towels, Angel Soft and Soft n’ Gentle bath tissue and the Dixie range of paper cups and plates.

Koch Industries also owns Invista, the world’s largest fibre and textiles company and owner of Lycra, Cordura and the Stainmaster carpet brand.

“The Kochs have a record of spending enormous amounts of money to move very reactionary, rightwing policies. Most Americans disagree with those policies but they may be buying products that are bankrolling them,” she said.

Burner said the app would allow “folks to make informed buying decisions.”

“We talk about boycotts but with someone like the Kochs, they own so much that it’s difficult to track,” she said. (Read More)

Update: I wonder why a progressive woman like Burner would ever associate with a man who treats women and children like this.

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