Defeating Socialism/Communism Honored – in Poland


Poland has unveiled a new pair of statues representing the formidable duo of Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II. The new statues were presented , fittingly, in the city of Gdansk, Poland – the birthplace of  the Polish Solidarity movement.

The sad mass of purposely uneducated – or should I say indoctrinated – American youth and young adults among us have no idea of the horrors socialism and communism have wrought upon the Earth. Those dangerous political concepts are now just words that have been whitewashed by the socialist/communist teachers and professors who have infiltrated the system.

Those terms now represent a respectable alternative economic and political structure. Walk down to your neighborhood occupy camp or campus and you will hear the same propaganda that  used to be stamped onto the pages of Pravda.

As part of the cleanup we need to accomplish in order to save our nation as a free, liberty loving society, all levels of the system must be addressed. The local community leaders, the school boards, the school administrators and teachers, the town council, the mayors, the state representatives, the judges, the police chiefs, the Governors, state agency bureaucrats – all need to be part of our efforts to redirect and renew.  It is not just beating a Democrat or a different party. It is about beating back evil.

from Yahoo news and the AP:

Reagan and John Paul shared a conviction that communism was a moral evil, not just a bad economic system. And Lech Walesa, founder of the Solidarity movement that led the anti-communist struggle in Poland, has often paid homage to both men and told the AP in a recent interview that he deeply respected Reagan.

“Reagan should have a monument in every city,” Walesa said.

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We need to keep our own Solidarity movement moving forward (to steal a slogan from the Obama camp).