Connecting the Dots on the Ongoing Harassment


Neal Rauhauser – Hacker and all around bad guy

If you’re a regular reader you’re aware of the harassment I’ve endured since the Top 25 Political Moms contest this past spring. It all started when a few of us conservative bloggers noticed that the progressive bloggers were extremely far-left and they were telling their readers to vote for their blogs because they wouldn’t want a conservative winning and spreading “dangerous family values.” Well, that got our ire up a little bit, so we responded in kind, and dubbed some of them “commie mommies.” It’s not like one or two of them didn’t already refer to themselves that way, so we didn’t see any harm in it. No big deal, right? To make a long story short, they tried to get us disqualified, so we all agreed to remove any negative posts about the competition.

You would think the story would have ended there, but it didn’t. That’s where it begins. (This is the “civil” left we’re dealing with, remember.) Before the contest ended, people using fake IP addresses started trying to post vile, rotten comments here. The comments all were put in a cue awaiting moderation and each was automatically emailed to me individually. On the night I found out I had won the contest I was at an event at my son’s school. I checked my email and the first one that appeared was a comment calling me the “c” word, and it wasn’t “commie mommy.” It turns out that was one of the nicer comments they’ve left.

Since then I’ve amassed nearly one hundred pages of disgusting, hateful and threatening messages. They’ve said that I (and all of you conservative readers) have no place in this world. They’ve told me to slit my own throat. They’ve called me every foul name you can think of. They’ve insulted my husband, accused me of molesting my children and threatened to report me to my local school board. They impersonated my husband and contacted a local divorce attorney. They tried to have pornographic sex toys catalogues sent to my home. They have sent emails on my behalf to my elected representatives advocating for policies I disagree with completely. They’ve signed me up for more email spam than anyone could possibly do in his or her spare time. (As of this moment I have 1630 emails in my spam folder.) They’ve called my home using Caller ID spoofing software or websites. They’ve let me know they know where I live. There isn’t time to list everything, but you get the gist of it.

Oddly enough, as soon as I started covering the whole Brett Kimberlin saga, the harassment stopped. But the lull only lasted a week or so and then it got worse.  The only thing they haven’t done is SWAT my house. (Even if they did they probably wouldn’t produce the desired effect because I’ve already made local law enforcement aware of the situation. The computer system now has our address and phone number flagged in the event they receive any calls reporting violence at our home. I have been assured that the police will proceed with extreme caution if that were to happen.)

When I started writing about what Brett Kimberlin and his gang of goons were doing to people like Aaron Walker, Patrick “Patterico” Frey, Stacy McCain and the others (they have a long and growing list of victims) I didn’t believe there was a connection between those stalking me and the Kimberlin crew. Now I’m not so sure. I went back to the list of the blogs from the top 25 contest. (See the link in the first paragraph.) The blog that came in second is Monologues of Dissent, written by Heather Dubois Bourenane. After a little bit of digging I found that Heather is friends with a woman named Jeanne Devon, who is the editor and founder of The Mudflats and has co-written an article or two with Heather. Heather and Jeanne call each other “My Secret Twin.” Both are tied to “grassroots” progressive organizations. Jeanne attended Netroots 2010 with Brad Friedman, who is also a contributor to her Mudflats site. Brad’s blog is linked on Heather’s blogroll. It looks like a pretty tight knit group.

Now, if you’ve been following Stacy’s coverage of this story you’ll know that Brad is tied to Neal Rauhauser. Rauhauser is an online menace, hacker, Democrat operative and associate of Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin. He has bragged about teaching his techniques of online terror to other liberal activists. He was a featured speaker at the same 2010 conference that Brad and Jeanne attended. Can I prove that my harassers are tied to Heather, Jeanne and Brad? No, at least not yet. I strongly suspect that they are, and someone is bound to screw up sooner or later, which brings me to what happened yesterday.

At around noon I received an email that appeared to be from Wombat-socho who moderates and blogs at The Other McCain. The fake Wombat-socho was pretending to forward to me an email that appeared to be written by Stacy McCain. It was extremely vile and insulting towards me, and the fake Wombat was just “doing the right thing” by letting me know what one of my friends was saying about me. I’m ashamed to admit I fell for it, at least at first. It was a busy day, I was up to my eyeballs with work and it totally caught me off guard. The fake Wombat and I exchanged one or two more quick emails, then at the end of the day I finally sat down and thought about it. Putting aside my hurt feelings, it realized it just didn’t sound like Stacy’s writing style. I remembered that I have another email address for Wombat and forwarded the exchange to him asking if it was for real. Of course it wasn’t, and I should have known better. But these people are good at this sort of thing. I only wonder how many others they have done this to, ones who may not have figured out the deception.

Stacy believes that Neal Rauhauser is behind this, and if he wasn’t the sender of the email it’s one of his sockpuppets. Oh, and did I mention Stacy’s really ticked off now? Not that I blame him. These people are sick and deranged and evil. They will do anything they can in attempt to shut up anyone who writes about them or expresses opinions they disagree with. They’ve committed a number of crimes in the process and it’s just a matter of time before they will answer for those crimes in a court of law. At this moment I can’t prove anything, but I’ve saved every IP address, and not all of them are fake.

Just a few things to keep in mind if you receive or read strange emails, comments or messages that sound completely out of character for me or any other blogger in the cross hairs of these lunatics. If it doesn’t sound like us, it probably isn’t us. Be sure to double check, ask if you think I sent you a link to some loony leftist article, or posted odd comments on the pages of my local newspaper or another blog. There are people out their trying to sow discord among conservative bloggers and pit us against each other. Follow your gut and don’t buy it.

PS: The Journal-Sentinel reported that Heather Dubois Bourenane received a death threat after expressing her views about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker during the lead up to the recall election. If that is true, I would hope that she would put herself in the shoes of her conservative counterparts and tell her friends to call off the dogs. Perhaps she knows something that could shed some light on these matters. I can’t possibly believe that a teacher could ever condone this sort of criminal activity.

Update: I almost forgot, one of Jeanne Devon’s favorite progressive politicians is Darcy Burner. Burner is a congressional candidate who worked with Neal Rauhauser in the past. Just another coincidence?

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Update 3: Zilla has also been subjected to harassment by these goons ever since the contest. She wrote about it in April, and she tells me it’s also been ongoing for her. She’s still having problems with them impersonating her using fake email addresses and asked me to tell you:

And if you could mention that nobody should believe that an email from since I only receive but never send from that addy, and also that the spoof addy isn’t me either, it would help me out a lot!
Maybe tell people that if they see something nasty “from” me to ASK me about it to clear up confusion.
Oh, and hit her tip jar. She’s still really sick and yesterday was her birthday!
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Update 8: When I wrote this post I failed to mention that Mandy Nagy (Liberty Chick) has been putting up with this garbage for years now. It started when she wrote about Brett Kimberlin at Big Journalism. She’s endured much worse. As noted in the Conservative Commune piece linked above, these cowards seem to get their jollies by going after women.
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