WaPo’s Milbank Would Love an Obama Scandal to Cover


Dana Milbank Loves a Good Scandal

Dana Milbank, who writes for the Washington Post, said he would love to cover an Obama scandal. This would almost be hilarious if not for the deadly consequences of Operation Fast and Furious, a scandal that got a US border agent killed as well as 200 Mexicans. I’m still trying to figure out if guys like Milbank are really just clueless, or do they think the rest of us are clueless?

Unintentionally defining irony, in the midst of trying to rationalize news media disinterest in the “Fast & Furious” scandal by maintaining “it’s not a political scandal” but “a scandal of government,” Washington Post columnist and former reporter Dana Milbank claimed on CNN’s Reliable Sources“It’s not an ideological thing. I think the media would love to have an Obama scandal to cover.”

Cue the laugh track as you watch the video.
Milbank, whom the Post features most times on page 2 of the news section, already made clear his disdain for Republican efforts to get around the Obama administration cover-up, writing a column headlined in the June 21 newspaper: “Blowing gunsmoke.” Online, the Post’s archive page for Milbank carries this declaratory subhead: “The party’s shameful pursuit of Eric Holder.” (Much milder headline over the June 20 online posting of the column: “Republicans’ attempt to hold Holder in contempt is uphill battle.”)

On CNN, Milbank insisted: “I think to say the media isn’t interested in scandal is preposterous. We love scandal. I love scandal. That’s the thing that really drives us.” That prompted host Howard Kurtz to wonder: “What’s wrong with this scandal?”

Milbank tried to rationalize the media’s lack of interest, asserting nothing scandalous took place worth reporting…

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