Video: Brian Terry’s Parents Speak Out About Fast and Furious, Wonder What Obama’s Hiding


Brian Terry with mother Josephine during happier times

Josephine and Kent Terry, the parents of murdered Border Agent Brian Terry appeared on Fox News this evening with Sean Hannity. They questioned what President Obama is hiding by invoking privilege over Operation Fast and Furious documents. My heart breaks for this couple. They said President Obama called them at the funeral home when they were burying their son, but they couldn’t understand what he said. They didn’t know about Fast and Furious at the time. They have so many questions which Eric Holder refuses to answer. Mr. Terry said he believes the administration is “lying and hiding,” and “passing the buck.”

Here’s the video.

Fox News has more:

Holder has testified he only found out about Fast and Furious after Terry’s death, and he condemned the tactics. But GOP lawmakers have suggested top officials at the Justice Department knew more about the operation than they have said.

Terry’s parents, Kent and Josephine Terry, said they are upset that the Obama administration may be preventing them from getting the full story about how their son died.

“They’re lying. … They’re passing the buck,” Kent Terry told Hannity. “I just know that they’re hiding something big. Something happened out there.” (Read More)

The big question is what is Obama hiding? Perhaps that stimulus funds were used on this deadly operation?

Mr. and Mrs. Terry started the Brian Terry Foundation to honor the life of their fallen son.

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