Van Jones Said the EPA Saved More Lives than the US Military


Van Jones, the former Green Czar to President Obama, was preaching to the choir at the NetRoots Nation gathering this weekend and made an interesting claim. According to Jones, the Environmental Protection Agency has saved more lives than the United States military.

The video starts at where Van Jones is criticizes the Tea Party for wanting to cut the overgrown government:

Do you think they’re joking? The EPA has probably saved more American lives than the Department of Defense in the last 30 years.

They probably saved more American lives than the Department of Defense.

Now notice he hedges his bet here twice – first by saying “probably”, and next by limiting it to the last 30 years. The American military can be thanked for countless of lives saved, both American and around the world. In the last 30 years, there simply haven’t been large military engagements where American lives have been directly saved, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t, only that this concept is much too difficult for the childish attendants at Netroots.

Please, liberals, please run on this platform.

Read the whole thing, video of his entire speech is also available if you have the stomach for it.

As for the thirty years – the EPA has only existed for a little more than forty years, so maybe Jones just had his dates wrong.

Fun Side Note: See a photo of Van Jones meeting Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft. Heh.

H/T iOwnTheWorld