Today is the National Day of Blogger Silence – Update Breaking My Silence


Update: I made it through most of the day, but I can’t shut up any longer. If I didn’t have such a busy weekend coming up, beginning in a few hours, maybe I’d continue. But I have a limited amount of time to be online over the next couple of days. See below for further updates.


Today is the National Day of Blogger Silence, which is really a day of action, as explained by Ace at Ace of Spades. The idea is to spend the day contacting Congress and demanding action against the illegal attempts by convicted Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin and his associates to shut up anyone who dares write about his past.

If you read this blog every day you’re already up to speed on what’s been going on, but if you need background read Michelle Malkin’s latest column. John Hawkins also did a great job of tying everything together into one post. Then read the latest threat Ali Akbar received from these unhinged thugs.

Senator Saxby Chambliss and Rep. Kenny Marchant have already stood up for our right to speak freely, but they’re the only ones in DC to have done so that I know of. Maybe Chambliss’s appearance on Fox News last night will change that. He was there to talk about the national security leaks, but they also discussed the SWATting of conservative bloggers. (At about the 3:30 mark.)

Via The Pirate’s Cove, you can find out how to contact your representatives at Congress Merge.

Side note: I’m sure the timing is a coincidence, but my representative probably could have used a little help from us out here in the blogosphere today after the hit piece that appeared on the front page of this morning’s newspaper.

I don’t know if I can shut up all day or not. I’ll do my best. The posts before this with today’s date were done last night, so they don’t count.

Update: I just found this video at Frugal Cafe – it’s audio from the hearing on Kimberlin’s peace order against Aaron Walker. Listen to the judge threaten Walker with jail and fines for blogging. It also reveals the judge’s complete ignorance of the internet.

Update: More at Da TechGuy, Hot Air, Evil Blogger Lady, Obi’s Sister, Radio Patriot, and The Other McCain (who is blogging from an undisclosed location thanks to Brett Kimberlin and his evil tactics.) Be sure to read his latest column at The American Spectator.

There’s also a memeorandum thread.

Update: WyBlog is in.

Update 2: spends more time with Hollywood stars than he does meeting and negotiating with Congress.”>What can we do to improve anti-SLAPP legislation in our states? Kimberlin uses these SLAPP lawsuits to harass his enemies through the legal system. Some states have better laws than others.

Update 3: The Other McCain reminds us that this is not a left vs right issue, it’s a free speech issue.

Ken at Popehat continues to urge that bloggers focus on the free-speech aspect of the Kimberlin case, rather than the tedious Left-vs.-Right partisan angle. It is important in this context to remind readers that all this began with a progressive blogger, Seth Allen, whose site is DFQ2 and whose Twitter handle is @Prepostericity.

To put it as mildly as possible, Seth is perhaps not a likely candidate for Sean Hannity’s “Great American” panel. Seth is emotionally volatile and his politics are way out there on the freaky far-left fringe.

Yet he seems to have a fully functional bulls–t detector, and when Seth whiffed the scent of bovine excrement coming from the direction of Brett Kimberlin’s tax-exempt hustle, he exercised his First Amendment right to start raising hell.

Update: Zilla weighed in – Silent Like a Carpet Bombing. Boom!

More at The Camp of the Saints.

Update: Troglopundit linked – thanks!