Today is ‘Global Wind Day’ – A Day for Activists to Push for More Wind Funding and Indoctrinate Children


Did you know that today is Global Wind Day? It’s a day for environmental activists to push for more funding for wind farms and indoctrinate young children. It appears that the corrupt Sierra Club (a group that took funding from natural gas companies before knifing those companies in the back) is one of Global Wind Day’s biggest promoters.

The Renewable Energy Industrial Index (RENIXX) tracks the stock value of wind and solar companies. In May—though you did not read about it in the mainstream media—it announced that thirty of the largest renewable energy companies were trading at “an all- time low” and the index “had lost over 90% of its value since 2008.”

So, naturally, the Sierra Club was eager to tell me about Global Wind Day and that my home state of New Jersey had the “potential to replace all the dirty coal and gas plants in the state.” The distance between “potential” and reality is roughly the distance between New Jersey and the planet Neptune.

The Sierra Club (along with a rogue’s gallery of environmental organizations) wages war on all forms of energy production and use. They urged me to join others “at a beach near you for a kite-flying rally and celebration of New Jersey’s offshore wind potential.” Not only does it oppose the use of America’s vast reserves of coal, but it also has a “Beyond Natural Gas” program as well; another huge source of power for the nation. (Read More)

Of course, no global day of action would be complete without some child indoctrination. Thanks to Americans for Prosperity for picking up on it.

Global environmentalists connected with the radical Party of European Socialists are indoctrinating and manipulating innocent children as props to advance their radical “renewable” energy schemes.

Examination of the website reveals a concentrated effort to indoctrinate small children into a cult-like movement to force taxpayers to provide massive subsidies for on land, and the even more costly, offshore wind mills.

“These European eco-zealots are penetrating our grammar schools with a bizarre program of indoctrination that includes forcing little children to color in propaganda style coloring books while being taught that the world will end if windmills don’t come to the rescue,” stated AFP New Jersey state director Steve Lonegan.

“Meanwhile, these environmentalist radicals are receiving enormous funding from the project’s major benefactors: General Electric, Siemen’s, Lockheed Martin, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, and Ernst & Young, the international corporations that stand to profit handsomely from these schemes.”

“This is disturbing and really quite sick. What we are seeing is a bunch of very radical and extreme elements of the environmental movement attempting to brainwash kids and then use them as props and human shields in their quest to foist their European-style, anti-free-market, globalist ‘green’ agenda on the world.”

“People, especially parents, need to be made aware of this and that’s exactly what AFP is going to do this Friday. We won’t be stopped by their efforts to intimidate and silence us,” concluded Lonegan.

Read the whole thing for a list of today’s activities.

It’s been estimated that in New Jersey alone taxpayers could be stuck with over $4 billion for this wind boondoggle, and that’s not counting how much it will drive up the cost of electricity.

Of course, President Obama wants to waste even more taxpayer dollars on wind energy, despite it’s failures. It’s even on his “To Do List” sticky note.

It’s too late to catch a bus, but if you live near Asbury Park or Ocean City, NJ it isn’t too late to show up at AFP’s counter-protest at noon today.

If wind energy is so wonderful and profitable, let private investors put up their own money for it. We the taxpayers can’t afford any more failed investments.

Oh, and why don’t President Obama and the folks at the Sierra Club care about bald eagles?

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