This Kimberlin Mess is Out of Control


Now Kimberlin is going after Ali Akbar and the National Bloggers Club. Of course, he had to include Ali’s family. The Other McCain has more, including a recent quote from Ali. Be sure to check it out.

Someone could write a freaking miniseries about this mess.

Ace of Spades is going silent on Friday in protest.

Patterico has the most relevant parts of the Aaron Walker hearing (the one where Walker was arrested for blogging) posted.

Walker can’t write about any of this, seeing that he was arrested for blogging. His old posts are still up on his site if you need the background on his situation.

Michelle Malkin hasn’t let it go.

Donald Douglas reminds us to contact our representatives. I have already done so. Go here if you’re wondering what you should say.

The Camp of the Saints has much more, including a link to the offending site that’s most likely run by Kimberlin.

Also at The Other McCain was another post this morning with a lot more background on Kimberlin and his associates.

Be sure to follow all of the links where there’s a lot more information.

Update: Linked by Evil Blogger Lady – thanks.

Update 2: Da TechGuy linked and thinks maybe we can get the British press to pay attention to this story.

Update 3: Linked by the Right Planet – thanks!