The Sierra Club Declared War on Natural Gas


I read about this in The Wall Street Journal last week and forgot about until a reminder from Doug Ross. He’s right, you should tell everybody you know to stop sending that organization money. Unless that is, you want to go back to the Stone Age.

Ask the Sierra Club. This week, the venerable environmental organization announced its “Beyond Natural Gas” initiative, to go along with their “Beyond Coal” and “Beyond Oil” campaigns. Of course, they hate nuclear energy too.

“Fossil fuels have no part in America’s energy future – coal, oil, and natural gas are literally poisoning us. The emergence of natural gas as a significant part of our energy mix is particularly frightening because it dangerously postpones investment in clean energy at a time when we should be doubling down on wind, solar and energy efficiency.”
—Robin Mann, Sierra Club President

The Sierra Club has over a half-million members (down from 600,000) and an annual budget of $100 million. They are arguably the most influential environmental lobby in the country. People take them seriously, and politicians listen.

With their opposition to the fossil fuels and nukes, the Sierra Club takes 91% of our current energy sources off the table (see EIA chart at the end of the post). And most of the remaining 9% they’re not too crazy about. Below the fold, we’ll take a closer look.

Youthful naïvete has an endearing quality. If their proposal were merely impractical, it would be naïve. The Sierra Club is not naïve. Their plan is physically and economically impossible. They have a willfully foolish, craven and destructive agenda. They are not looking for solutions. They wish an end to our industrialized civilization. They wish us to return to mud huts.

Read the whole thing. It wasn’t too long ago that the Sierra Club was taking millions from the natural gas industry, when they thought of it as a bridge fuel. Now that they’re finding out how abundant it is, and can bring about about lower energy prices along with much-needed jobs, they’re out to destroy it. The natural gas industry is finding out the hard way that these are the kind of people who are your friends until you’re no longer useful to them, at which point they will devour you. Just like the Democrats, who they’re ideologically aligned with. They call themselves progressive, but they will bring us back to the Dark Ages if we let them.

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