Soros Group Backs Outfit Pushing for Corporate ‘Disclosure in the Name of Mugging’


Kimberly Strassel’s latest column at The Wall Street Journal is quite eye-opening. A group called the Center for Political Accountability (CPA) and run by a man named Bruce Freed has been working tirelessly for “transparency” in corporate speech. They say they’re all about “good governance,” but that’s not their aim at all.

By pushing disclosure, the left can tee up companies for activist boycotts, protests and other actions designed to make political engagement as painful as possible. Think of this not as disclosure in the name of voter education, but disclosure in the name of mugging. ….

Mr. Freed has also been busy creating the facade of a movement. To listen to CPA, there is a groundswell of support among institutional investors for corporate political disclosure. This in turn, CPA insists, has resulted in a rush by companies to get on board with best practices. Everybody is doing it, goes the center’s line, and those who don’t are bad actors.

Some companies are buying this, with little investigation into CPA or its motives. While pitching itself as just another campaign-finance watchdog, the center, founded in 2003, is in fact a recipient of hundreds of thousands of dollars from George Soros’s Open Society Institute.

Mr. Freed worked for years for Capitol Hill Democrats, and most of the center’s staff hails from the liberal-party machine. Its attorney, Karl Sandstrom, once served as general counsel for the Democratic National Committee. Chief financial officer Michael Novelli was in 2008 an Obama campaign director for Maryland. Peter Hardin, one of CPA’s writers and editors, moonlights for another Soros-funded operation, Justice at Stake.

If you can, be sure to read the whole thing. CPA is nothing more than another left wing organization trying to shut up the opposition.

Speaking of the left wing shutting up the corporstion in the name of mugging, Walmart announced that it’s dropping support for a real good government group, ALEC, due to pressure from the left. Unfortunately, too many corporations cave in to these tactics.

I’m thinking that should Mitt Romney win the election in November the left is going to be apoplectic, considering how they act when they hold most of the power in DC. It’s just mind boggling that there are so many people working so hard to bring about our collective doom.