So Much for the Great Uniter


Hey, does anybody remember when President Obama was supposed to be the great uniter? He was going to be the post-racial president who healed our divides and united us once and for all. Well, the joke’s on you. The Great Uniter’s strategy is to divide us. How shocking.

President Barack Obama’s campaign wants to turn Mitt Romney into the candidate of old, straight, white men.

Of course, his aides would never state it so crudely. But that’s the unmistakable aim of their political strategy of the past two months.

The Obama campaign spent weeks playing up the contraception fight and pushing legislation to guarantee women equal pay for equal work — and then crowing about how women were fleeing the GOP. Obama got pushed into backing gay marriage more quickly than he wanted — but once he did, the campaign milked it for days to try to make Romney look like a throwback. The drumbeat on more affordable student loans has been constant. And now, the president is trying to drive a wedge between Romney and Hispanic voters with a sustained push to soften U.S. deportation policy. (Read More)

Let’s just hope the great healer wakes up in November to find out that the American people aren’t as stupid as he thinks we are, regardless of our gender, skin color, or socio-economic status.

Via Times 24/7