Smart Power


So, how is President Obama’s “Smart Power” going these days? Judging from the latest headlines, not very well. Here are just a few:

Syria, Iran, Russia and China plan joint war games, Iranian news agency says

‘The Two Men [Obama and Putin] Barely Looked at Each Other’

U.S., Israel developed Flame computer virus to slow Iranian nuclear efforts, officials say

Leon Panetta, Leaker?

Is it any wonder Latma released this video slamming Obama for leaks endangering the agents of the US and our allies? The only upside is that “Tell on Me, the Ballad of US Agents” offers a bit of entertainment and amusement over what is otherwise a huge security breach and a national embarrassment. So much for “Smart Power.” No wonder we don’t hear that term much anymore.

(Video via The Blaze, via Joseph Hall)

The Pirate’s Cove linked, with more on the Leaker-in-Chief.