Obama Offends the British, Again


The Obama administration has again called on the British to negotiate with Argentina over the Falklands. Naturally, and quite understandably, the British aren’t happy about it.

Barack Obama recently declared himself to be “neutral” on the Falklands, which is bad enough. But he is more than just “neutral”. His administration is actively siding with Argentina’s calls for a negotiated settlement. This is a position that Britain views as completely unacceptable, and with good reason. Over 95 percent of the inhabitants of the Falklands are British, and wish to remain under the protection of the British Crown. They have no desire to live under the boot of Argentina, and it is a clear-cut case of self-determination. The idea that the British should sit down with the Argentines to negotiate the future of the Falkland Islands is simply preposterous.

Earlier this week the US president caused huge offence in Poland by referring to “Polish death camps” during World War Two. Just two days later his government has slapped another US ally in the face, yet again, over the Falklands. Mr. Obama should remember that more than 250 British servicemen gave their lives in 1982 to liberate the Falklands following the Argentine invasion. Their sacrifice will never be forgotten by the British people, and the suggestion that what they fought for should be negotiated away is both insensitive and insulting on the part of the Obama administration. (Read More)

What a disgrace. This just makes me think of the nerve it takes for President Obama to compare himself to Ronald Reagan, who stood by the British during the war in the Falklands. Something tells me our friends the Brits won’t be unveiling any Barack Obama statues in the future.

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