Most Arrogant Man in the World Asks Newlyweds to Forgo Gifts in Lieu of Donations to Campaign


Wow! Talk about desperation. President Obama put out the call to newlyweds to forgo wedding gifts in lieu of donations to his campaign. Forget this rotten economy!

Young people have been hardest hit by the Obama economy, and most newlyweds are young people. Many use cash gifts to offset the cost of their weddings and receptions. Obama wants them to forget about their own fiscal situation and fork over the cash to his campaign. He really is the most arrogant man in the world! (Video below for those of you who read this blog through email.)

Video via Maggie’s Notebook where you’ll also find the hilarious video “The Most Interesting Man in the World.”

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Update: The Pirate’s Cove linked, and William Teach wonders “when Obama is going to ask parents to send in the money they might otherwise leave under their kids’ pillows from the Tooth Fairy?” Let’t not give him any ideas.

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