Mitt Romney Praises Private Sector and WaWa, Media Edits Comments to Look Like a Gaffe


Wow! Talk about carrying water for President Obama. Watch how MSNBC edited and spun Mitt Romney’s remarks about WaWa on the campaign trail. Andrea Mitchell called it Romney’s “supermarket scanner moment” referring to a decades-old gaffe committed by George H.W. Bush, I believe.

Now watch the full version of Romney’s remarks. He wasn’t just marveling about the scanners at WaWa, he was making a valid point about the efficiency of the private sector and competition vs. the inefficiency of the government.

Sooper Mexican has a partial transcript of Romney’s comments that were deceptively edited by MSNBC. Thanks to smart phones, blogs and social media, the MSM won’t be getting away with this garbage any more.

Update: Even the “supermarket scanner” story Mitchell referred to was false. I guess that news wasn’t as quick getting around back then, before we were all online.

Update 2: After some complaints by the Romney campaign, Andrea Mitchell attempted to clarify the deceptive edits, saying they “didn’t have time” to play the whole clip. Yeah, right.