Mitch McConnell: This Administration is ‘Radical’ and ‘Dangerous’


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) will be speaking today at the American Enterprise Institute about the attempts by the Obama administration and its supporters to silence dissent. Breitbart News caught up with him for an interview previewing today’s speech.

“This is a dangerous, radical administration,” said McConnell.

“I’m going to lay out a long litany of abuses pursued by the Obama Administration and its allies against its political opponents,” McConnell said. “It’s reminiscent of the Nixon administration. It’s much more pervasive than Clinton. They have their enemies list. They’re checking it twice. They’re going to go after those that have been naughty and not nice.”

He also mentioned the SWATting of bloggers and Brett Kimberlin.

Sen. McConnell drew special attention to allegations that certain left-wing activists have been SWATting their political enemies. “I know you’ve been right on top of that story,” he said of Breitbart News. “I think those reports are incredibly disturbing and need to be fully investigated, and I hope we can get somebody in the majority position of the House to take a look at it. There’s somebody I’ve heard about named Brett Kimberlin, who is a left-wing terrorist that I know many people feel may be behind the SWATting. That’s strictly illegal, and should be investigated.”

Read the whole thing. After the speech I’ll add video if it’s available, since I’m sure you won’t be getting any of it on your evening news.

Update: You can watch video of McConnell’s speech at American Power.