LOL! Juan Williams Amused by Anna Wintour’s ‘Come to Dinner’ Ad


Juan Williams got a kick out of the Obama campaign ad featuring Vogue editor Anna Wintour inviting the commoners to enter for a chance to win a fancy dinner with her, Sarah Jessica Parker and the Obama’s. He said it was “hilarious” and that it looked like a “parody” as he laughed out loud.

“That was hilarious. That looks like a parody. It looked like the Romney Campaign planted Dr. Evil in the House of Obama. And, he said, you know, on the day the grim job numbers come out, let’s have someone who reeks of ornamental excess announce that the peasants can have a place at the table. It’s just unbelievable.”


Obama’s losing support from liberals all over the place. Who will be next?

H/T Gateway Pundit

Update: Linked by Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin and Daria DiGiovanni – thanks! Powers pointed out that Sarah Jessica Parker’s home, where this event will take place, is a plush $20 million condo on Central Park West. How kind of her to allow a couple of peasants see how the other half lives.