Ladd Ehlinger Doubles Down on Questions About Ali Akbar and National Bloggers Club


If you’ve been following the story about convicted Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin and his villainous friends you’re probably aware that Kimberlin dug up some dirt on Ali Akbar’s criminal history. Akbar runs the recently formed National Bloggers Club. (Disclosure, I am a member of the NBC, but other than going to a party they threw at CPAC and receiving press credentials I haven’t had much contact with them.) Akbar’s history raised some questions with Paul Lemmen (another convicted felon) and Ladd Ehlinger, which I wrote about the other day. Ehlinger isn’t backing down, and has doubled down with questions about the NBC and Akbar’s handling of the funds it receives.

Maybe this is just a convicted felon “thing” that I’m not getting.

Maybe you just have to be a convicted felon to understand why it’s so vitally important to attack people whopost your mugshot.

So maybe I’m being a little harsh, given the ax I have to grind. Maybe Akbar was indeed “just the driver” in his credit card felony conviction and the burglary thing, too – even though the rap sheets don’t really say that. Maybe now he’s found God and redemption and all of that. Even so, there are questions to be answered in regards to the National Blogger’s Club that he’s ducking, as I said in my email to Donald Douglas, blogger at American Power:

1) How much money was raised by NBC in its Kimberlin effort?
2) How much money has been spent by the NBC from the legal defense fund, and on what? I’m told that money has been dispersed to victims, and that’s a good thing – depending upon the whole entirety (i.e., how much has been raised, how much spent on overhead, etc.)
3) How does the NBC determine who is a Team Kimberlin victim, and who is not?
4) By what criteria does NBC decide who gets to be an NBC member, and who doesn’t? Are such decisions made on the whims of a convicted felon who paints himself as a top blogger (who doesn’t seem to blog), or is there a more up-front process? You know – a voting process. With by-laws. I know there are no fees to join. Other than that, how?
5) Why has there never been a website for NBC? Is it a serious organization or was it a throwaway thought, a branch-off publicity effort for Akbar’s for-profit company?
6) Is it true that NBC shared its private email list of bloggers with Akbar’s political clients?
7) Is it true that Akbar charged his political clients for introducing them to high-profile bloggers at events like CPAC? If yes, did any of that money make its way to the bloggers themselves?

So what’s the deal? Are these questions going to be answered or not? I’m not a convicted felon like Ali Akbar, but I think they deserve some honest, non-dissembling answers. Not a bunch of creepy tweets and attacks and horseshit spin.

Read the whole thing.

There’s been a whole lot of “inside-baseball” blogger stuff going on lately. Donald Douglas had a pretty good write up yesterday, and Da TechGuy interviewed some of the key players in all of this. Zilla was accused of being some kind of a front to raise money for Paul Lemmen, when she’s really just a nice lady with  a big heart. I think that came after the post by Ann Barnhart at iOTW about Lemmen. Lisa Graas followed up on that with a post today in defense of Lemmen.

Like I said the other day, “I hope all of this gets resolved. But we still have Brett Kimberlin out there living off his “non-profit” cash and harassing and terrorizing bloggers. We still have this out of control administration that’s spending us into oblivion while shredding the Constitution. It’s a time we should all be united, not divided and fighting over a few legitimate questions.” I don’t think Ladd’s questions are out of line, and wouldn’t mind hearing some answers.

In the mean time, Stacy McCain’s whereabouts continue to be unknown, but that hasn’t stopped him from digging into Brett Kimberlin, Neal Raushauser, and others. I think he’s come up with enough material for Ladd to make a movie.

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