Juan Williams to Michelle Malkin ‘I’m a Real Reporter, Not a Blogger’


Last night on Hannity Michelle Malkin and Juan Williams were in a heated debate over the recent national security leaks coming from the White House. For some reason, Williams thought it would be a good idea to point out that he’s a “real reporter, not a blogger.”

“All you can say is Plame, Plame, Plame; blame, blame, blame; Bush, Bush, Bush,” Malkin told Williams as he argued that the current national security White House leaks were not different from what had transpired in other White Houses. Williams took offense to that, telling Malkin that he was a “real reporter, not a blogger out in the blogosphere somewhere,” which in turn visibly offended Malkin, who retorted, “right, because I’m not a real reporter.” Williams completed his point that reporters “did not get any classified information,” over both Hannity and Malkin, before Hannity gave Malkin the last word.

Malkin did get the last word, and called Williams out for his “snotty condescension.” Watch:

Via Weasel Zippers