Issa and Boehner to Holder: Sure, We’ll Meet With You, Right After You Satisfy Our Subpoena


During his appearance before the Senate today, Attorney General Eric Holder offered to meet with House Oversight Chair Darryl Issa or Speaker John Boehner, in order to avert a constitutional crisis. Issa and Boehner said they’d be happy to take him up on the offer, just as soon as he satisfies their subpoena.

“I want to make it very clear that I am offering to sit down, by myself, offering to sit down with the Speaker, with the chairman, with whomever, to try to work our way through this in an attempt to avoid a constitutional crisis and come up with way — creative ways, perhaps — in which we can make this material available,” Holder told Grassley on Tuesday. “But I’ve got to have a willing partner. I’ve extended my hand and I’m waiting to hear back.”

Later in the hearing, Holder amended his characterization of the DOJ’s standoff with Congress as a potential “constitutional crisis,” saying he should have called it a “constitutional conflict” instead.

Boehner spokesman Michael Steel told The Daily Caller on Monday that Boehner is willing to meet with Holder, but only after the attorney general first complies with congressional demands for documents related to the gunwalking scandal.

“The Speaker will meet with the Attorney General when the Attorney General complies with the reasonable, specific requests in the May 18 letter from House leaders and Chairman Issa,” Steel said in an email.

Issa’s spokesman Frederick Hill told TheDC that Holder’s public request for a meeting is a stonewalling tactic. (Read More)

Why would they meet with him, so he can deny that references to Fast and Furious were references to Fast and Furious?