EPA Head Lisa Jackson Blames Coal Industry’s Woes on the Economy


EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson blamed the economy for the woes of the coal industry. Really, she did. Heritage Action has the details:

During an interview for Grist (part of The Guardian), Jackson made the absurd statement that:

“[I]n my opinion the problem for coal right now is entirely economic.”

Out of fairness, let’s step back (we’re looking at you, Jay Carney) and put her comment into context:


Buried in the middle of a response about how coal is a “pollution problem” and how the Obama Administration has worked tirelessly to create an environment that hurts coal because of that problem, Jackson blames the economy for hurting coal.

Well, she’s right in a roundabout way that there are now huge economic disincentives in place for coal. What she forgot to add is that it is the Obama Administration that created the poor economy by instituting policies that make it financially impossible for coal-powered plants to operate. (Read More)

Well, at least she didn’t say “The coal industry is doing fine.”