EPA Contractor Tweets His Glee Over Andrew Breitbart’s Death


Ian Boudreau

Ian Boudreau is a contractor working for the Environmental Protection Agency as a “science writer.” Yesterday he tweeted “Am I supposed to be sorry for pointing out the fact that Andrew Breitbart is dead? Because I’m not. I was happy he was dead WHEN HE DIED.” Yesterday was Father’s Day, and Andrew Breitbart left behind four young children. Did Boudreau give that any thought before he tweeted out his hate? Doubtful.

Today, the tweet in question has been taken down. But as Lady Liberty reminds us, screen shots are forever. It doesn’t matter if he’s an independent contractor working for the EPA, or a full time employee. This is no way for a government worker to act and he should be fired. Unless, that is, the folks in Obama’s EPA approve of this uncivil tone.

Update: iOwnTheWorld linked – thanks!