Dueling Lawsuits Over Florida’s Effort to Purge Ineligible Voters


The Obama administration is doing everything in its power to see to it that individuals in Florida who are ineligible to vote remain on the voter rolls. The Department of Homeland Security is refusing to release data verifying citizenship of voters. Florida Governor Rick Scott said the state will sue DHS to obtain the data. The Department of Justice responded by saying that they will sue Florida to stop them from purging ineligible voters.

Fox News has the details.

Both moves marked the latest in a volley of accusations and legal maneuvers between Florida and the federal government over the state’s controversial effort to check the citizenship of voters.

Florida’s suit was filed against the Department of Homeland Security. The state claimed Monday that the federal government was denying access to a database that would allow it to verify the citizenship of registered voters.

But later in the day, a five-page letter was released from the Justice Department warning Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner that it has “authorized the initiation of an enforcement action against Florida in federal court” over the purging of voter registration rolls. That means the department is going to start taking the steps to sue Florida.

The letter from Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez said, “it appears that the State of Florida is unwilling to conform its behavior to the requirements of federal law.”

The Justice Department earlier this month told the state to suspend the effort, claiming Florida was violating federal laws in its effort to find and remove ineligible voters — and teeing up Monday’s letter.

But Scott’s administration said Monday that it is the federal government that is skirting the law — by denying Florida access to its database. (Read More)

This is how Attorney General Eric Holder spends his time when he’s not working to cover up his involvement in Operation Fast and Furious.

The Hill has more, via Doug Ross.

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