Democrats Still Upset About Reporter Asking Obama a Question


Last week a reporter asked President Obama a question, but his timing was off. Not unlike the way the press routinely treats Republican presidents. But of course that reporter was denounced. You’d think they’d have gotten over it by now. But they haven’t.

William Teach picked up on it and isn’t afraid to ask a question or two of his own.

Um, we’d all like to know just how adding 800,000+ illegal aliens to the workforce through work visas will help Americans get jobs. Yet, Obama came out (45 minutes late), gave a long winded statement about giving these visas, and declined to take questions (again). Weird how Democrats suddenly abandon their “the people have a right to know” thought when it is a Democrat being challenged. (Read More)

Here’s Mark Levin putting it into perspective, and taking Republicans to task for being so meek.