Chicago Fundraiser for Obama Co-Hosted By 60’s Radical Marilyn Katz


Marilyn Katz - Chicago, 1968

One of President Obama’s six-fundraisers today will be co-hosted by 60’s radical and pal of Bill Ayers, Marilyn Katz. The Daily Caller has a copy of the invitation to one of the events that will haul in about $5 million.

So who is Marilyn Katz? According to the New York Times, she’s the person who gave Obama “entry into another activist network: the foot soldiers of the white student and black power movements that helped define Chicago in the 1960s. As a leader of Students for a Democratic Society then, Ms. Katz organized Vietnam War protests, throwing nails in the street to thwart the police.

The Chicago Tribute also noted that Katz, “once advocated throwing studded nails in front of police cars, back in the SDS days when the group was alleged to have thrown cellophane bags full of human excrement at cops and cans of urine and golf balls impaled with nails.”

Katz was the go-to gal for the press to knock down stories about Obama’s association with Bill Ayers.

Apparently, she’s been pretty tight with Obama for quite a while.

According to Discover the Networks, Katz

  • First met Ayers when he was a 17-year-old fellow member of Students for a Democratic Society, a peaceful group from which the Weather Underground splintered.
  • In 1968, Katz was head of security for the radical Students for a Democratic Society(SDS) during the Chicago street riots that took place while the Democratic Party held its national convention in that city.
  • Now an Obama fundraiser, strategist and public relations maven.She’s often a go-to quote for reporters to knock down the Ayers-Obama story.
  • Serves on Barack Obama’s national finance committee.
  • One of the two chief organizers of the October 2002 anti-war demonstration in Chicagowhere Obama first went public with his opposition to the Iraq War.

Does help that she has had some experience with demonstrations before in 1968, eh?

As I write this a clip of Obama talking about today’s rotten jobs report. He didn’t mention his many fundraisers, or his radical pals.

Oh, and here’s a fun fact: On this date in 1984 when President Reagan was running for reelection, he wasn’t attending fundraisers. He was in Western Europe promoting peace during the Cold War. What a difference.

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