Chart of the Day – The Ever Expanding Federal Government


The other day President Obama said that the private sector is doing just fine, it’s the public sector that needs help. This after he bragged about shrinking the size of the federal government. I guess he was talking about the slight dip in the size of the federal workforce after it hit yet another all time high. State and local governments haven’t seen the rapid growth the federal government has, but it’s not like they’ve had any drastic reductions. It looks to me like the public sector is doing just swell.

(Via The Tom Sullivan Show, H/T Michael A)

Now, let’s look at a graph of total private sector employment for the same time period. Look how private sector employment plunged after the stimulus was passed. It had nowhere to go but up, but still hasn’t come close to where it was before. But Obama wants to claim credit for any private sector gain, even if those gains are in spite of his policies.

Which one is doing fine, again?

Update: For a good look into Obama’s claims of cutting spending, go here.