Caller to Radio Show Claims Unions Busing Voters in to Wisconsin From Michigan


I’m not sure what time today this happened, or if there’s been any follow up, but if this is true I certainly hope these buses were stopped. A guy called the radio show of Chris Plante claiming he was on a bus to Wisconsin from Michigan, followed by three other buses. He claimed that these buses were chartered by unions to bring people to Wisconsin to vote in today’s recall election.

Fox Nation has a transcript of the call. The guy said he’d call back when he knew exactly where they were going. Has anyone heard whether or not he called back?

In related news, it could be a long night. The Department of Justice is on the scene in Wisconsin to make sure nobody’s right to vote is infringed upon. I wonder if that includes bused in residents from other states. The Democrats are also starting to talk recount, while the polls are still open. Talk about desperate.

There’s more at Michelle Malkin, who notes “Oh, look. The Occupiers are going to take to the streets tomorrow to throw a post-election tantrum. Anarchy-manufacturing business as usual.” They never fail to provide plenty of blog fodder.

I’ll be following the election results this evening when they start coming in. Hopefully it will be decisive enough that we aren’t up all night.

Update: Linked by Scared Monkeys – thanks!

I guess the Dems and the media wanted us to think we’d be up all night. Heh. The race was called for Walker within about an hour.