Brett Kimberlin Claims He Was SWAT-ted, Local Law Enforcement Disagrees


This is rich. Brett Kimberlin, the Speedway Bomber, is now claiming that he is a victim of SWAT-ting. The website of one of his “non-profit” groups claims the alleged incident occurred on May 31. This would have been prior to his interview with ABC News.

Interesting point: Kimberlin was interviewed by an ABC News reporter after his alleged SWATting, and apparently didn’t mention it. That reporter did not contact me until June 5, 2012. Her piece came out the next day, on June 6 — 6 days after Kimberlin’s alleged SWATting. Yet he does not appear to have said a word about it to her.

Lee Stranahan contacted Kimberlin’s local law enforcement, and they deny any calls relating to the address of Kimberlin on the date in question.

H/T The Other McCain