ABC News Reports Sen. Saxby Chambliss Requested DOJ Investigation of Blogger Swattings


ABC News has now picked up on the story of the SWATting of bloggers, reporting that Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) has written to the Department of Justice asking for an investigation into the incidents. I thought the story would stop there, but ABC told the rest of the story, including the possible connection of the Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin.

The Bibb County District Attorney’s office in Georgia currently is investigating the [Erick Erickson] case and could not offer comment on it.  Asked who he suspected was responsible for the phone call to police, Erickson declined to speculate.

But several conservative bloggers have been vocal about who they believe is responsible for the SWAT-tings and other forms of harassment — Brett Kimberlin, a man who was convicted of a series of bombings in Speedway, Indiana in the 1980s and made headlines in 1988 when he claimed to have once sold marijuana to then-vice presidential candidate Dan Quayle.

The group of conservative bloggers organized “Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day” on May 25, during which they urged the blogging community to write about the actions of Kimberlin.

Kimberlin, who is now the director of a non-profit organization called Justice Through Music, told ABC News that he did not commit or ask anyone to conduct the SWAT-ting hoaxes that were perpetrated against Erickson and Frey.

“Of course not, it’s ridiculous.  It’s totally irresponsible for them to even say this,” Kimberlin told ABC News.   “There is no truth to anything about the SWAT-ting.”

But some conservative bloggers contend Kimberlin and his associates are responsible for other forms of harassment as well.  Robert Stacy McCain, a contributor to the American Spectator and founder of The Other McCain Blog, wrote about Kimberlin, and shortly after, his wife’s place of employment received a phone call from Kimberlin accusing McCain of harassment.  Based on Kimberlin’s ability to find his wife’s employer, McCain became concerned Kimberlin also knew the location of his home, so the McCain family relocated to an undisclosed location.

“If I was going to continue doing this story, I couldn’t do it from my home,” McCain told ABC News. ”This kind of intimidation — it’s a threat to protected first amendment expression.”

Go read the whole thing, it’s a pretty thorough article. Of course, Kimberlin claims he has no online presence and that he’s just a victim.

Kudos to ABC News for covering this story, and also to Senator Chambliss for getting involved. The text of his letter is included in the article linked above.

Update: Chambliss published the full text of his letter here. Oh, and via Michelle Malkin, read what happens when these SWAT incidents go wrong.

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Update: Smitty at The Other McCain weighed in (Stacy’s in an undisclosed location) and That Mr. G. Guy is still waiting to hear from his representative. He’s not the only one