Aaron Walker Appealed Gag Order Imposed By Maryland Judge


The National Bloggers Club released the following statement earlier today regarding the gag order imposed on blogger Aaron Walker by a Maryland Judge who is sympathetic to the convicted domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin.


WASHINGTON, DC — The National Bloggers Club, Inc. is announcing that it will continue to raise funds to provide financial relief to member Aaron Walker. An appeal to the peace order granted by Judge C.J. Vaughey was filed Monday.

Last week the Maryland judge issued a 6-month peace order and jailed attorney Aaron Walker, preventing him from mentioning Brett Kimberlin in public. A Blogger and Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney wrote of this order that, “this is a clear-cut case of a First Amendment violation — about as clear-cut as you’ll ever hear.”  Since then, Walker has been working with a new legal team and the National Bloggers Club to legally restore his free speech rights.

“We’ve got over a dozen lawyers coordinating on this now, volunteering their time. Aaron’s first amendment rights are being violated when he is barred from even being able to publicly mention the case or Kimberlin’s violent past,” said Bloggers Club president Ali A. Akbar.

Akbar continued, “Yesterday they came after the Bloggers Club and my family — my family. We’re not stopping. We’ve got to raise $5,000 more dollars to continue to stand with Aaron Walker and I’m positive supporters will continue to step up.”

The National Bloggers Club is working to promote KimberlinFiles.org where supporters continue to give financial and written support to this cause.

In keeping with the ruling of the court, Walker’s response was simply, “thank you”.

There have been more developments in the Kimberlin saga over the past day or so. Be sure to read latest at The Other McCain, as well as his earlier post. Also, Michelle Malkin joins in the call for our representatives in Congress to do something about this menace. I’m not exactly sure what they can do, but there has to be something. They could file a resolution, perhaps honoring Kimberlin’s victim and war veteran Carl DeLong, who lost his leg, and later his life, to one of Kimberlin’s bombs. They could investigate the 501(c)(3) status of his supposed non-profit organizations. Surely a legislative body that hauls baseball players into hearings can come up with something in this case. But I won’t be holding my breath.

Update: Let me add that Kimberlin’s targets aren’t all right-of-center. One of his first victims is a liberal blogger, you can read his story here.