Yes, Change is Hard


In reply to Dr. Owens, I find myself quoting First Lady Michelle Obama. “Change is hard.” Owens wonders what it will take for the people to realize what is happening to them and rise up and say “Enough!” He’s correct in saying that both parties are flawed, but there is one party in power today that is extremely flawed, and that party must be voted out.

Most people don’t read blogs. They get their news from the morning shows on the Big Three networks, and then they may tune in to a half  hour news show in the evening before changing over to American Idol, or whatever other distraction they can find. Therefore, most of them have no idea what is happening.

The progressives (commies, socialists, statists, or whatever you want to call them) have been working  very hard for decades – heck, more than a century – to get us to this point. They have the mainstream media, educators and Hollywood on their side. I hate to say it, but a good number of our fellow Americans are clueless. It’s by design.

Some things are urgent, like voting the Democrats out of office and getting the budget under control. There’s a good chance Obama will lose in November, simply due to the fact that his policies suck and people will say it’s time for a change. If that’s the case, great. But the media, education and entertainment industries will still be owned by the left. Until we can change that, this fight for freedom will never end.

If Mitt Romney happens to win in November, it will be up to us to hold his feet to the fire. It will be up to us to make sure the Republicans don’t fall for the latest meme and compromise with the party of wrong. At the same time, our side would be wise to study the techniques of the left, and patiently advance our cause. It will take a long time, seeing that so many forces are against us.

Just know there’s an Army of Davids out here fighting day in and day out for the cause of freedom. Most of us don’t make much of a living from it, but we do undesrtand the power of Google. Change really is hard, especially when those promoting positive change don’t have the funding the other side enjoys. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t resourceful. Just hang in here with us, and help us spread the word. Our children are depending on us.


Isn’t it amazing that so much effort has to go into the cause of freedom? These days freedom means getting free crap from one’s fellow citizens. Like I said, change is hard.