Will Dems Use Law of the Sea Treaty as Back Door to Cap and Trade?


I wrote about the Law of the Sea Treaty over the weekend, so you may have missed it. The Democrats are putting it off until after the election. They don’t want it to be an issue, because then people might find out about it. It all started before the global warming business came about. But that doesn’t mean the environmentalists aren’t now pushing for it to further their agenda. The Democrats are on board. Brian Darling believes they will use it as a back door to cap and trade, which they haven’t been able to pass legislatively.

Conn Carroll had an excellent piece at the Washington Examiner yesterday titled “Obama’s Lame Duck Plan To Pass Cap And Trade.”  Carroll makes the case that Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) may use the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) as a back door to implement cap and trade regulations on United States citizens.

Carroll opines that the treaty may not be necessary.  It may prove to be a back door means by which supporters of Global Warming regulations can have a United Nations sanctioned body impose binding regulations on the United States.

Read the whole thing. The fact that these Democrats even consider having the UN impose binding regulations on us should be all any voter needs to know. But today’s Democrats aren’t just considering it, they’re pushing for it. Unfortunately, most voters are in the dark.