Why Does Barbra Streisand Send Money to a Domestic Terrorist?


Ladd Ehlinger takes a new approach to the Brett Kimberlin saga.

What Did Barbara Streisand Know…

And When Did She Know It?

Journalist Forced to Flee Home by Streisand-Funded Domestic Terrorist Bomber!

Juicy headline, eh? Guaranteed to bring in the page views. I can’t imagine I’m the only one who’s thought of this angle to the story.

Why no jibberjabber from the media herd? Why is this story being left to the part-time blogosphere? (Read More)

Good question.

Who knows, maybe now that the story has caught the attention of Michelle Malkin someone will notice.

My most recent post is here. The Other McCain is still blogging from an undisclosed location, as far as I know.

Oh, and Senator John Kerry’s wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, has also donated to this domestic terrorist through her charitable foundation.

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Update: Free Republic linked – thanks!