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My son’s baseball game went a little bit longer than usual tonight, and I was in the office all day, so I’m very behind on my blogging. After I returned home I got caught up reading about how a convicted terrorist has stalked, harassed and filed false charges against the blogger known online as Aaron Worthing. (The shorter version is here.) He and his wife have been put through hell by this felon, Brett Kimberlin. They have both lost their jobs and have racked up thousands of dollars in legal bills.

As it turns out, Kimberlin, also known as the Speedway Bomber, is a free man for some reason and runs a couple of nonprofit groups with some Democrat operatives. The groups receive funding from the Tides Foundation, Teresa Heinz Kerry and Barbara Streisand.

According to Patterico, Worthing isn’t the only person the bomber and his associates have targeted.

There’s more at The Other McCain, the Conservatory and Capital Research.

Fox News did a story on Kimberlin’s funding a couple of years ago. Back then he was going after higher-profile conservatives and Republicans.

Kimberlin, a convicted bomber and drug dealer, learned that lesson in 1988, when he claimed from his prison cell that he had been Dan Quayle’s marijuana dealer in college. The claim got a lot of attention because Quayle was running for vice president of the United States at the time.

Now, 22 years later, Kimberlin has taken that lesson and made unfounded accusations a profession of sorts. Using two popular leftist blogs, the 56-year-old from Bethesda, Md., has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from the public and left-leaning foundations by promising to put conservatives he disagrees with in jail, often with offers of large rewards. So far — without success — he has called for the arrest of Karl Rove, Andrew Breitbart, Chamber of Commerce head Tom Donohue, Massey Energy Chairman Don Blankenship and other high-profile public figures.

A review of tax filings for Kimberlin’s blogs, “Velvet Revolution” and “Justice Through Music,” raises troubling questions about whether his “nonprofit” operations are dedicated to public activism — or are just a new facade for a longtime con artist. (Read More)

I’m thinking they’re “just a facade for a longtime con artist.”

If you don’t have time to read Worthing’s whole post, scroll down to the bottom to find out how you can help.

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Also, The Other McCain points out in a later post that Andrew Breitbart warned us about this guy and his associates six months ago. It’s important to get the word out there about this guy. The more of us writing about him the better. There are hundreds, if not thousands, or conservative blogs out here. He may have resources thanks to his left-wing donors, but it’s not likely that he has enough resources to target all of us. So spread the word about this menace.

TOM also has a list of other bloggers who have written about this. Donald Douglas has been subjected to similar attacks, and also weighed in.

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