Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa Endorses Obama, Will Put Boots on the Ground


According to Politico, Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa called Mitt Romney a “vulture capitalist” and said he will be throwing his weight and union muscle behind President Obama in the 2012 campaign. He promises to put “boots on the ground” in an effort to win Obama a second term.

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The International Brotherhood of Teamsters endorsed President Obama Monday, calling his likely Republican opponent Mitt Romney a “vulture capitalist” whose election would amount to a “fox guarding the henhouse.”

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“He represents everything that is wrong with our financial system. He made his money as CEO of Bain Capital by destroying U.S. businesses, sending good-paying American jobs overseas and filling his pockets with millions while putting workers out on the street,” Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa said in a release.

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The organization’s endorsement comes with a promise to put “boots on the ground” in all fifty states.

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Hoffa earned his living skimming the paychecks of working Americans. Mitt Romney earned his living investing in American businesses, and as governor of Massachusetts did not take a paycheck.

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As for the “boots on the ground” make sure you keep your doors locked.

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In related news, AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka said he’s had conversations with Obama about a second term. Lord help us if that happens.

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