Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin Poked a Bees Nest – Updated and Bumped


Brett Kimberlin, aka The Speedway Bomber,  is not a nice man. He’s on a mission to go after any blogger who dares to speak the truth about him. He doesn’t want anyone writing about his sordid past, or his ties to liberal groups and “charitable” foundations that send his “non-profit” businesses money.

What he probably didn’t realize is that conservative bloggers don’t take kindly to attacks on our friends. An attack on one is an attack on all. He wanted to quietly terrorize anyone who wrote about his evil ways through “lawfare.” Little did he know is that he had kicked a bees nest. The Army of Davids has answered the call.

He may have cost one couple their jobs, and forced a family out of their home, but in doing so, he invited a level of scrutiny upon himself that was surely unexpected. There’s now a web page devoted to exposing his evil ways. His deadly deeds may have been scrubbed from Wikipedia, but thanks to big voices like Michelle Malkin and Lee Stranahan, Kimberlin will go on to live in infamy.


In the late 1970’s Brett Kimberlin planted bombs all over the town of Speedway Indiana. One of those bombs was in a gym bag placed outside a school. Carl DeLong, a Vietnam War veteran, picked up the bag thinking he would be able to identify the owner and return it. For his trouble he had his leg blown off, his body filled with shrapnel, and an injured wife. DeLong was in so much pain he took his own life a few years later. His widow won a wrongful death suit against Kimberlin, who has not paid up.

The police who investigated the bombings believed Kimberlin planted the bombs to deflect attention from another crime – the cold-hearted murder of the grandmother of a girl he may have molested. They didn’t have enough evidence to charge him for that crime, especially after the victim’s husband died. Eventually, Kimberlin was sentenced to fifty years in prison, but thanks to lax federal parole laws at the time he got out early. The Indy Star covered the events, and their reporting is available online. (Follow that link for one article, and look to the left of the page for a number of other articles they ran at the time.)

Ace of Spades summed up one story, the one where they recounted how Kimberlin put out hits on his enemies.

But remember, this is the guy who is being “harassed” and even viciously “decked” by bloggers.

It’s not this guy himself who’s causing the problems– no, not the guy who had a list of witnesses against him to be killed.

Not the guy who tried to pay off another convict to plant a bomb, of the exact same design as his own bomb, so that he could argue that cops “got the wrong man” for the Speedway Bomber.

No, it’s this guy who is the innocent victim of cruel right-wingers conspiring to besmirch his good reputation with smears.

While in prison Kimberlin boned up on the law, and claimed to have sold drugs (he was also convicted of drug dealing) to Dan Quayle. Those claims caught the attention of the left. Fox News documented his post-parole activities in 2010.

Now, 22 years later, Kimberlin has taken that lesson and made unfounded accusations a profession of sorts. Using two popular leftist blogs, the 56-year-old from Bethesda, Md., has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from the public and left-leaning foundations by promising to put conservatives he disagrees with in jail, often with offers of large rewards. So far — without success — he has called for the arrest of Karl Rove, Andrew Breitbart, Chamber of Commerce head Tom Donohue, Massey Energy Chairman Don Blankenship and other high-profile public figures.

A review of tax filings for Kimberlin’s blogs, “Velvet Revolution” and “Justice Through Music,” raises troubling questions about whether his “nonprofit” operations are dedicated to public activism — or are just a new facade for a longtime con artist.

Though neither website publicly reveals Kimberlin’s role, tax and corporate documents show that he is one of four directors who incorporated the Velvet Revolution, and that he is the registered agent for the tax-exempt, non-stock company, which is registered at his mother’s house in Bethesda. In 2008, the last year for which tax records are available, Velvet Revolution took in $83,000 in gifts and contributions.

Kimberlin is also one of two incorporators of Justice Through Music, as well as a $19,500-a-year employee of the non-profit, whose purpose is to “shed light on some of the injustices of the world through music” and which took in more than $550,000 in contributions in 2008.

What those who view the blogs — and those who donate to them — aren’t told is who Kimberlin is and where he’s been. And that is a twisted story, indeed. (Read More)

Kimberlin is making a mockery of the legal system. Via Absolute Moral Authority, just search him on Google Scholar. It’s one lawsuit after another. Who do you think is paying for all of this litigation? We, the taxpayers are, while Kimberlin is funded by liberal groups like the Tides Foundation, John Kerry’s wife and Barbara Streisand, and his “non-profits” have tax-exempt status. Lee Stranahan has a list of his more recent activity, as well as some of his political connections, all Democrats, I might add.


The national media has remained pretty silent on this matter. But Ann Coulter tweeted one of my posts, and maybe now that Michelle Malkin took the time to write about it something will happen. My prior posts have links to all of the bloggers I’ve found who have written about this saga to date, and here’s the list Malkin published.

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Like I said, Kimberlin poked a bees nest, and the bees are really going to start swarming today. Just wait until he sees the next Google alert. Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall for that?

Thanks to his liberal benefactors Kimberlin has the resources to take on a handful of bloggers. But what’s he going to do now that so many of us are weighing in? It’s like trying to take down an angry swarm of wasps with a fly swatter.

(I know I’ve missed a lot of bloggers, but there’s only so much time in the day. If I missed you, please leave a link in the comments and I’ll add it.)

Update: Michelle Malkin updated and bumped her earlier post and it’s at the top of her page today. The story caught the attention of Mark Tapscot at the Washington Examiner. The Blaze published a comprehensive post, and Glenn Beck talked about it on his radio show this morning and interviewed Patrick Frey, who detailed the nearly fatal harassment he’s been subjected to. It’s chilling. Now wonder The Other McCain is still at an undisclosed location.

Ali Akbar has created a donation page to help the bloggers who are targets of this criminal and his allies.

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Plus there’s an updated post at The Other McCain.

Back to Patrick Frey, who blogs as Patterico. He told his whole story today. It is a must read. If only we were all paying attention back when Andrew Breitbart warned us about this Kimberlin menace and his associates, Frey and his family would not have been subjected to such terror.

What you just heard and read is no joke. It actually happened. The phenomenon is called “SWATting,” because it can bring a SWAT team to your front door. SWATting is a particularly dangerous hoax in which a caller, generally a computer hacker, calls a police department to report a shooting at the home of his enemy. The caller will place this call to the police department’s business line, using Skype or a similar service, and hiding behind Internet proxies to make the call impossible to trace. Anxious police, believing they are responding to the home of an armed and dangerous man, show up at the front door pointing guns and screaming orders.

That is exactly what happened to me. It is a very dangerous hoax that could get the target killed.

I should note that Frey believes it was one of Kimberlin’s associates who made the call, not Kimberlin himself. But it’s all tied together and leads back to Kimberlin.

Also, John Hawkins interviewed Stacy McCain, who explained why he and his family left their home. Again, if you read what happened to Frey, you’ll understand why.

Update: No One of Any Import also has a new post up today.

Update: Ladd Ehlinger is having a little fun with mockery.

Update: NRO’s Jim Geraghty weighed in on the Swatting of Patrick Frey, and King Shamus linked. Also, Legal Insurrection updated the post with video of Glenn Beck’s interview of Frey and Walker.

Update: Read a very moving tribute to Carl DeLong, Kimberlin’s bombing victim. Oh, and why the heck is the State Department working with one of Kimberlin’s charities?

Update: More Links: Haemet, Zilla, The Camp of the Saints, Sentry Journal, LD Jackson, Intangible Soul, Sundries Shack, Stop the ACLU, Ironic Surrealism, All American Blogger, Absolute Moral Authority, Right Klick.