SEIU Paying for Occupy DC Office Space


One of President Obama’s favorite labor unions, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is paying six months of rent for Occupy DC’s new office space. The sign on the wall informs visitors they are not to engage in activities such as sex, vandalism, physical violence and hacking while on the premises. Who raised these people?

The Washington Examiner has more details:

The Service Employees International Union, one of Obama’s most vocal supporters among labor groups, is paying $4,000 a month for three offices the Occupy protesters will use for at least the next six months to plan future demonstrations, organize and host workshops.

The offices are at the Institute for Policy Studies, a nonprofit progressive group headquartered at 16th and L streets NW, amid the major law firms, trade groups and lobbying shops that Occupiers have spent the past seven months denouncing. The offices are just a short distance from the tent city Occupy DC established in McPherson Square in October.

Occupiers moved into their new digs Monday. The SEIU will pay the rent for six months, said John Cavanagh, director of the Institute for Policy Studies.

SEIU representatives did not return calls seeking comment, but Cavanagh and Occupiers confirmed the union’s role in helping Occupy establish a headquarters of sorts in Washington. (Read More)

In related news, the SEIU is hiring Occupiers to do some telemarketing. It’s part time work that pays up to $10 per hour, so it’s unknown whether they’ll get any takers seeing that one of their spokesmen says he won’t take any job making less than $80K per year.