Political Correctness Run Amok Results in Gang Rapes of Young British Girls


I’ve been meaning to get to this all day, but life happens, and I didn’t get to it. In short, British authorities are afraid of offending Muslims, so they let a group of what they call “Asian” men get away with gang raping young girls. It’s abhorrent. The Other McCain has all the gruesome details.

It is here necessary to explain that, while Americans usually employ the term “Asian” to mean East Asian — Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc. — in Britain the term generally denotes immigrants from Pakistan, India or the Middle East. Thus, among the “Asians” convicted in the  gang-rape case were Kabeer Hassan, Abdul Aziz, Abdul Rauf, Mohammed Sajid, Adil Khan, Abdul Qayyum, Mohammed Amin and Hamid Safi.

Blogmocracy call them “Muslim scum who gang raped a 13 year old,” a description that CAIR would likely disapprove, but the question remains: What happens when fear of being accused of “racism” prevents the police from effectively enforcing the law?

Be sure to read the whole thing. Don’t think this can’t happen here. Remember the uproar about the NYPD investigating Muslims from New Jersey who may be operating in New York? Wouldn’t you like to think that if the NYPD stumbled across a ring of Muslim pedophiles raping young girls that they would do something about it, even if it wasn’t tied to their terror investigations? (Not that gang rape isn’t a form of terrorism.) Yet a good number of people want to shut down those investigations. What does that tell you?