Part 2 of Russian Immigrant vs. Occupiers – Video


Did you see the video of the Russian immigrant schooling a young Occupier on their communist May Day celebration? If not, you should. It was fantastic. According to Linda of No One of Any Import in the comments on my earlier post his name is Vladimir Jaffe.

Well, Mr. Jaffe didn’t stop with the young man who walked away with a lot of things to think about. This video shows his exchange with an older man, more set in his views. This guy said Cuba is a great example of how wonderful socialism is when guys like Stalin don’t mess it all up. That’s what they think, that communism is fantastic, it’s just been run by the wrong people. He actually defended Lenin. I don’t think Mr. Jaffe was as successful in getting through to this guy as the younger one, but he did make him look like a fool, so it’s still fun. I love how he brought up Lenin’s New Economic Plan. I think they rolled out new economic plans every few years, kind of like the Democrats.

Watch and enjoy!

Via Legal Insurrection and MRCTV