Obama’s Composite Girlfriend Sure is Similar to the Real Girlfriend of Bill Ayers


The “composite” girlfriend of President Obama in the book Dreams from My Father bears a striking similarity to a real-life girlfriend of Bill Ayers. This isn’t really “new” news, Jack Cashill noted the similarities in an American Thinker piece in 2010, but the recent Vanity Fair piece written by David Marannis has put the book in the spotlight yet again.

The so-called “New York girlfriend” in Obama’s memoir bears specific resemblance to Ayers’s ex-girlfriend Diana Oughton, one of three Weather Underground members killed in 1970 when a bomb the terrorist group was building accidentally exploded.

Like the girlfriend in Obama’s memoir, Oughton had brown hair and green eyes, and came from an affluent background. Furthermore, Oughton’s family estate in Illinois is strikingly similar to one described in a sequence in Dreams when Obama and his “New York girlfriend” visit her family

Also be sure to read Cashill’s latest piece in the American Thinker which includes a list of the many falsehoods contained in Dreams.

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