Obama Slammed McCain Over Immigration in 2008, Now Says Romney Should Be More Like McCain


President Obama slammed John McCain for his immigration stance in 2008, yet today he is saying that Mitt Romney should be more like McCain.

“We have a very clear contrast this time. John McCain believed in climate change and believed in immigration reform,” Obama told an audience of about 200 donors who paid at least $5000 for a ticket to the event. “What we have this time out a candidate who said he would rubber stamp a Republican Congress that wants us to go backward, not forward.”
For months — and only in private — Obama campaign staffers in Chicago have said they have little respect for Romney because of his shifting positions, while John McCain was the type of principled Republican most like them. Obama has now made those private asides very public. (Read More)

It’s obvious that Obama will say and do anything to win reelection.