Like Your Insurance? If it Doesn’t Meet Obamacare Standards Can You Keep It?


Hey, do you remember when President Obama promised that if you like your insurance, you can keep it, even after the passage of his signature legislation? I’m sure there are a few people out there who still believe it. If you’re one of them, I certainly hope your policy lives up to the standards set by Obamacare. You may get a few more benefits (things you may never need) in exchange for higher premiums. Lucky you!

But a majority of the plans in today’s individual market cover less than 60 percent of all costs, according to the Health Affairsstudy.

Slightly more than half of people on the individual market are enrolled in policies that cover less than 60 percent of plan costs. One-third of individual policies pay 60 to 69 percent, enough to meet the lowest thresholds under the healthcare law.

Many consumers will therefore get more generous coverage by buying through an exchange. But, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the boost in benefits could also raise premiums.

“Premiums for health insurance in the individual market will be somewhat higher on average under [the healthcare law] than under prior law, mostly because the average insurance policy in that market will cover a larger share of enrollees’ costs for health care and provide a slightly wider range of benefits,” CBO said in a 2009 report. (Read More)

You didn’t think you were going to get free health care did you? Didn’t your mama ever tell you that nothing in life is free?