It’s Official, Romney Clinches Nomination, WaPo Highlights Mormon Faith


Funny, I don’t recall the Washington Post highlighting the faith of Barack Hussein Obama on the night he clinched his party’s nomination in 2008. But tonight, when Mitt Romney clinched the Republican nomination, that’s what they ran with.

Mitt Romney’s Nomination Marks Milestone for Mormon Faith

America quietly observed a major milestone in its history Tuesday when Mitt Romney became the first Mormon presidential nominee of a major political party.

The achievement comes four years after a spate of firsts, culminating with the election of the first African American president. This one has been greeted with little fanfare. And that is just how Romney and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints want it.

But whether they want to call attention to it or not, Romney’s achievement is historic. Nearly 200 years after the founding of Mormonism by Joseph Smith, who himself ran for president to call attention to his flock’s persecution, Romney’s nomination signals how far his faith, and the country’s acceptance of it, has come.

The article is not a condemnation of the Mormon faith, but it does address the fact that a number of Americans view Mormonism with skepticism, so it doesn’t have to be. No doubt that’s why they ran with the Mormon headline.

Imagine what the headline would have been had Mitt Romney spent years listening to a pastor proclaiming “God damn America!”

In the mean time, Mitt Romney stuck to his message, slamming Obama for his corporatism and his statist energy policies. Of course, the Washington Post doesn’t want to spend much time talking about the real issues, like the way energy prices are necessarily skyrocketing. Other media outlets spent the day talking about how Romney refused to denounce Donald Trump for talking about Obama’s birth certificate, as if that’s the biggest issue on the minds of voters.