In Albany on Taxpayer Dime, Obama Slammed GOP at Successful Center Started By Republicans


President Obama was in Albany, NY today to tour SUNY Albany’s nanotechnology center. Officially, he was to deliver “remarks on the economy.” In actuality, he delivered another partisan, sarcastic speech slamming Republicans. So this is just one more campaign speech paid for by we the taxpayers.

Speaking at the University of Albany, Obama mapped out a what he called a “handy little ‘to-do’ list” for Congress, while swiping Republicans on Capitol Hill for standing in the way of his agenda during a down economy.

“The only way we can accelerate the job creation that’s needed is through Congress,” Obama said during a 20-minute speech. “There’s no excuse for inaction. There’s no excuse for dragging our feet. None.”
“I know this is an election year but it’s not an excuse for inaction,” Obama said.

Obama’s tone turned wry at one point in his presentation as he said he was keeping his plan short to ensure lawmakers had the time to focus on it.

“I’m not trying to overload Congress here,” Obama said before adding that his five-point plan is “about the size of a Post-it note, so every member of Congress should have time to read it.” (Read More)

This morning former New York Governor George Pataki slammed Obama’s wasteful spending on things like Solyndra during a conference call. Pataki and NY GOP Chairman Ed Cox pointed out that the nanotechnology center in Albany was hatched under the leadership of Governor Pataki in 2001, and that it only came about because he “empowered the private sector” and “reversed years of Democrat policies” that drove businesses out of the state.

Pataki said that IBM was the “cornerstone” of the project, but the company’s former policy had been to close New York plants and move to more business friendly states. He believes that had he not reduced taxes and cut regulations IBM would not have signed on. Global Foundries is another business partner in the project, and Pataki said New York had to compete internationally to bring that business to the state and Obama’s policies would have made that impossible. Now the nanotech center has spun off thousands of jobs in upstate New York. He called the center a “shining example of the success of Republican policies,” the opposite of the policies of President Obama.

When it comes to the economy, Pataki reminded us that when Obama was elected he had big majorities in the House and Senate and didn’t do anything about the economy. He was too busy ramming through Obamacare, and pushing card check and cap and trade. Now he’s out there touting successful projects started by Republicans, while slamming Republicans. Unbelievable.